Going to a new city and not sure where you will be able to find a good vegan meal? See if The High Impact Vegan™ (and her fabulous husband) have been there, and also what they recommend! Pictures and reviews of vegan restaurants and eateries in cities around the world.

New Years Eve 2011

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This year Jason and I spent our New Years Eve in Philly! It was such a good time from start to finish, that I just wanted to share a little about it. As you know from my previous post, a fabulous new vegan restaurant opened this fall in Philly called Vedge. Not only is the food amazing, but the atmosphere cannot be beat. Jason, myself and a friend of ours, Tim,  had gone to dinner at Vedge earlier this month, and fell in love with the place. Be sure to read my full write up, The Vedge Edge, when you get a...

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The Vedge Edge

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This past July, one of my favorite restaurants on the planet, Horizons (in Philadelphia), closed its doors. I cannot even begin to explain how sad I was to discover the news of their closing, I literally almost cried (ask my husband). But I was very pleasantly surprised to find out that the owners of Horizons, Philadelphia’s renowned and amazing chefs, Richard Landau & Kate Jacoby, were in the process of opening a brand new restaurant. The new place would also be a vegan restaurant, but would have a...

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Thanksgiving WITH the Turkeys

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Each year, the Saturday before Thanksgiving, Poplar Spring Farm Animal Sanctuary teams up with Compassion Over Killing to host on one of the most amazing and compassionate events I have ever been to, Thanksgiving WITH the Turkeys! Thanksgiving with the Turkeys is a event where the rescued turkeys are celebrated and are the guest of honer while compassionate people like you and I enjoy a vegan pot luck lunch! The four-hour event starts at noon with everyone gathering around the grounds and mingling with the rescued...

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Vegan Food Tour – NYC Day Three

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Day Three – Sunday June 12, 2011 The weather was much better on day three then it had been on day two. We slept in a little, grabbed some coffee (at least Jason did) and we made our way back to the Chelsea’s Market area.We wanted to try a place that the gal at Cocoa V had recommended for lunch, but it was still a little early, so we actually walked down to the market itself and walked around! Chelsea’s Market is a very cool place to visit and a great place for foodies to go. The place is jammed...

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Vegan Food Tour – NYC Day Two

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Day Two – Saturday June 11, 2011 It’s raining, it’s pouring… probably the only cold and rainy day in NYC all summer! Besides the fact that it was raining, day two in NYC was amazing! We got up early and ran on the treadmill in the gym at the hotel, grabbed a quick piece of fruit to hold us over til’ lunch and set out for our adventure! My good friend, Laura, had told me all about her favorite vegan place to eat in NYC, Candle Cafe and I thought that would be the perfect place to go...

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Vegan Food Tour – NYC Day One

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In June, Jason and I celebrated our five year wedding anniversary. We had been thinking about and planning trips to celebrate this occasion pretty much since we got married. There is sort of an expectation for what you do to celebrate the “big” anniversaries, but we really just wanted to do something fun and memorable. First we thought we would return to Bermuda, where Jason proposed to me. Next we had the idea to travel to Hawaii for a few weeks. We came up with literally dozens of ideas, but none of...

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