Meet Bobby – My Pig at Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary

Posted by on Jan 25, 2012

Meet Bobby – My Pig at Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary

I am so very excited to announce that my official sponsorship package from Poplar Springs Farm Animal Sanctuary arrived today! As of today, I am the proud sponsor of Bobby, and eight year old Yorkshire pig who lives at Poplar Springs.

When I posted last month about this amazing gift (from my wonderful husband), I promised that I would update you as soon as I could with a photo and the story about how Bobby came to live at Poplar Springs, so here you go!

Meet Bobby

Bobby is an eight year old Yorkshire pig who came with his friend Harry from Georgetown University Medical School. The two were being used for a typical insulin study, and when the experiment was over, the doctors did not want to see them killed so they called the folks at Poplar Spring! Bobby and Harry were just five months old when they came to live at Polar Springs however, those were a rough five months for the two of them. While at Georgetown they lived (their entire life thus far) in two small metal cages, separated from each other. The cages were only large enough for them to stand up and sit down which caused them to not be able to walk very well and also to be very over weight. When they first arrived at the sanctuary, they looked up at the sun and sky in amazement, sniffing the fresh air. This was something they had never seen before!

Although Bobby can no longer walk very well because of severe arthritis, he is a very friendly pig and loves to get scratched. He will even roll over for you and let you rub his belly! Everyday he receives pig pellets made of corn, soybeans and timothy hay. His favorite treats are watermelons, apples, bananas and pumpkins.

How sweet is that story! I am so excited to go and visit Bobby and all the other animals at Poplar Springs. Jason and I plan to go at least once a month from now on for what they call daily animal care. It takes place everyday from 9am – 12:30pm and all you have to do is call ahead the day before so they can open the gate for you! If you are interested in sponsoring an animal too, or even just visiting the sanctuary and the animals, check out their website I think this is a great way to share your compassion and love with those who need it most, the animals!

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