Vegan Food Tour – NYC Day Three

Posted by on Nov 20, 2011

Day Three – Sunday June 12, 2011

The weather was much better on day three then it had been on day two. We slept in a little, grabbed some coffee (at least Jason did) and we made our way back to the Chelsea’s Market area.We wanted to try a place that the gal at Cocoa V had recommended for lunch, but it was still a little early, so we actually walked down to the market itself and walked around! Chelsea’s Market is a very cool place to visit and a great place for foodies to go. The place is jammed packed with restaurants, eateries, grocery stores and just about anything else you can think of. There is a even a raw vegan juice bar and cafe inside the market that is owned by Pure Food and Wine (an upscale raw vegan restaurant in NYC). We had our mouths set on a place for lunch so we skipped the juice bar.

Mid-town MeltThe place that we heard about for lunch was located right next to Cocoa V! In fact it is owned by the same group of investors, or was at some point. I think they call themselves “sister” companies. It is called Blossoms D’Jour. It is a quick service vegan cafe that makes some incredible sandwiches, salads and soups. We each ordered “The Midtown Melt” (pictured here) upon the recommendation of the gal at Cocoa V and we both loved it! The Melt consisted of Cajun spiced seitan, vegan cheese, agave guacamole, lettuce and chipotle aioli – YUM!

If you are ever in the Chelsea’s Market area and want to grab a delicious and quick vegan lunch, stop by Blossoms Dujour! You can get the address, and check out their full menu, and daily specials online (

The rest of the afternoon was spent walking around the city taking it all in. We stopped by a small park (not sure which one) where they were hosting a county beer festival. There was music and art, and lots and lots of people. around 3:00pm we landed at American Brewery across from the Empire State Building for a few afternoon drinks. We enjoyed a flight of beer and some time chatting and then made our way back to the hotel. Tonight we were going to Blossoms for dinner! Yes, I know it seems like we were a bit obsessed with this group of restaurants, but we had heard a lot of good things and I had read an article in VegNews about them, so we thought we would give them all a try 🙂

We arrived at Blossoms around 6:30pm with no reservation… I would not recommend this on a Saturday night, but we did get lucky enough to score a table. We were both hungry, but not starving, so we decided to split and appetizer and split an entree. Main reason being… so we had room for dessert of course! I will also let you know now that we did not take any photos of this food. I know, bad blogger! But the food and conversation was just so good we simply forgot. Next time we go, we will be sure to take pictures!

The menu is not overly large at Blossoms, which I actually do not mind. It makes it a lot easier to choose when there are not 50 items on the menu. Jason and I decide on the Ravioli with Cashew cream as an appetizer and the Port Wine Seitan as our entree. The ravioli was filled with smoked tempeh, spinach, pine nuts, and white mushrooms and covered with the most amazing cashew cream. It was smooth and even a little sweet, which was a perfect accent to the savory stuffing of the ravioli. The seitan was absolutely amazing, the perfectly prepared cutlets were pan-seared with port wine and mushrooms, which made an amazing sauce, and served with creamy mashed potatoes, tempura onion, and sautéed garlic spinach. Every bite melted in your mouth! As planned, we did save room for dessert. We decided to share the Cinnamon Apple Sticks: phyllo dough “cigars” filled with cinnamon apples, baked and topped with an amazing brandy caramel sauce! They too, were amazing. Jason is a huge fan of any warm apple dessert, so this was a home run for us.

After dinner we strolled a few blocks west and decided to see a movie. We did not stay out too late since we were heading home the next day, but we had a lovely evening. Our anniversary trip to NYC was one of the best trips we’ve been on. We had so much fun, ate so much delicious vegan food and celebrated 5 of the best years of our lives. I hope that if you are ever in the New York area you will stop by and try some of these fabulous places! We do visit the city two or three times a year, so keep an eye out for another post on some more fabulous vegan NYC find!

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