Vegan Food Tour – NYC Day Two

Posted by on Sep 13, 2011

Day Two – Saturday June 11, 2011
It’s raining, it’s pouring… probably the only cold and rainy day in NYC all summer!

Juice from Candle Cafe

Enjoying a Candle Cocktail of Fresh Juice!

Besides the fact that it was raining, day two in NYC was amazing! We got up early and ran on the treadmill in the gym at the hotel, grabbed a quick piece of fruit to hold us over til’ lunch and set out for our adventure! My good friend, Laura, had told me all about her favorite vegan place to eat in NYC, Candle Cafe and I thought that would be the perfect place to go for lunch.

Candle Cafe is rather small, intimate little cafe located on 3rd Ave between 74th and 75th street. On a day when it is not raining, the walk is not bad at all and you can probably cut through Central Park from where ever you are staying. The walk for Jason and I was not so pleasant… we were pretty much freezing and soaked by the time we arrived, but let me tell you, it was worth the long walk in the rain! The food was AMAZING!

We started off with some fresh juice from the cafe’s juice bar. They have a lovely selection of juice recipes to choose from. I got the Candle Cocktail and it was fabulous!, we also got a bowl of their vegan chili to help warm us up from the cold, wet walk. It was very good, but I am actually not a huge fan of chili, Jason is the chili lover 🙂

Lunch for me consisted of one of the daily cafe specials, Lemon Basil Tofu over Israeli couscous with baby carrots, green beans and a lovely  garlic tomato sauce.  Jason ordered the tofu club sandwich and loved every bite of it!

Lemon Basil Tofu

Lemon Basil Tofu

We capped our lunch off with a few chi lattes and some vegan cookies from the juice bar. Candle Cafe is definitely some place you should try to make it to in NYC. The casual environment and fabulous food have made it one of our favorite places in the city. In fact, we have been back a few times since this visit and are always 100% satisfied.

We had made reservations to go to Blossoms for dinner, but we ended up eating a few appetizers from the bar at our hotel (more small plates from the dohyo) and decide to just go out for dessert. We had heard about a place called Cocoa V in the city and were dying to give it a try. Cocoa V is a vegan wine and chocolate bar (originally owned by the same people who own Blossoms) located in Chealsea’s Market. Cocoa V is a must visit for any chocolate lover, vegan or not!

The atmosphere is very intimate, and there are only about 10 seats (maybe) in the whole place, but it is truly a perfect place to have dessert. The girl working the night we were in was very helpful in getting us set up with a nice chocolate wine pairing. We enjoyed a dark chocolate bar with cherries and pistachios and a lovely Riesling. We also helped ourselves to a raspberry lemon cupcake, and a truffle or two 🙂



Everything in the bar is vegan from the chocolate and baked good to the wine. Other offerings include a vegan cheese plate (with fresh made nut cheeses, crackers, and fruit), chocolate fondue and fresh made vegan doughnuts! If you can’t make it to New York, I would recommend ordering some of their amazing truffles and chocolates from their online store ( Just make sure to order them in the cooler months, since these chocolates are far too expensive to let melt in the sun!

That just about wraps up our second day in the city! We strolled back through Times Square to our hotel and hit the hay. We wanted to be well rested for Day 3!


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